Garden style wedding bouquet avaThis type of wedding bouquet is the never-dying classic. It will probably never be out of fashion. A lot of brides today choose garden-style wedding bouquets for their big day. That’s because such a wedding bouquet looks natural, feminine, boho, and lovely in its simplicity. The flower arrangement is very simply created, with no foam holders, no wire, no fancy beads or pearls – nothing except for the flowers, greenery, and a few ribbons or rubber bands to hold everything together. A fluffy garden-style wedding bouquet can be a charming accent for any bride.

A garden-style wedding bouquet is a simple arrangement of garden flowers loosely tied together to create a natural and seemingly carelessly gathered bouquet. This type of wedding bouquet is extremely popular among brides all around the world. And it never gets old. Of course, it’s up to you whether you like this style of a wedding bouquet or not, but you can be sure you won’t look old-fashioned clutching a garden-style bouquet at the altar.

The best thing about this wedding bouquet is that it consists of the local seasonal flowers, which are rather budget-friendly. Although, make sure to get the best fresh flowers. The color palette can be different, as it’s easy to pick the garden florals of the right color. There is no particular trendy color for garden-style wedding bouquets today – you can have a white, neutral, or colorful wedding bouquet.


Garden-style wedding bouquet


What flowers are the best option for a garden-style wedding bouquet? Among the most common flowers are roses, peonies, dahlias, hydrangeas, freesia, and other eye-catching florals. But don’t forget to add some greenery because this type of wedding bouquet should be green, natural-looking, and gathered from those plants local to your region.

A garden-style wedding bouquet always has an uneven shape, it’s fluffy, with some leaves or green stems hanging down or sticking in every other direction. As opposed to perfectly round wedding bouquets or tear-drop wedding bouquets, etc. It’s totally normal that this bouquet looks a bit carelessly made, that’s on purpose, don’t try to make your garden-style bouquet tidier or more orderly.

Also, this style of wedding bouquet doesn’t require any additional components, like foam holders or wire to keep the flowers strictly in place. They are held together only with rubber bands or floral tape around the stems. Sometimes, a beautiful ribbon is tied around the stems to add a romantic vibe to the arrangement.

You can create your own garden-style wedding bouquet for your wedding from the flowers available in your area. It can be even fun to work on your wedding bouquet, to try different combinations of flowers, etc. But be sure to do good research or consult with a florist before doing a DIY garden-style wedding bouquet because there are a million little details you need to know before taking such an important matter as the wedding bouquet in your own hands.

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