Photographer avaYou can get a really nice offer from wedding vendors if you know how to communicate with them – how to ask for a discount, what and when to say, how to determine a vendor who is ready to bargain, etc. The wedding planners, coordinators, and other people from the wedding business are good at negotiating with vendors, but what to do if you’re just an ordinary couple and have no experience in such matters? Then, this article is for you.

Tip #1

What vendors are more open to negotiation?

If you’re tight on the wedding budget and would kill for a good discount, choose vendors who aren’t long on the market. Those companies or people who have 10 years or more of experience will practically always charge you more than less experienced vendors, with just 3-5 years in business and with a smaller client base. Companies with a name give smaller discounts and have higher prices because they worked hard for years to earn this position. New vendors, on the other hand, usually value every client and are intent on making a deal because they still have not many contacts, so you might get a good offer if you negotiate wisely with them. Of course, don’t expect them to work for free and don’t be rude or belittle their work.

Tip #2

Do research before starting bargain

This concerns everything you do, and when planning a wedding, you have to research a whole lot of things. But it needs to be done because you can’t decide on something and can’t negotiate when you don’t understand the issue. So, you have to monitor the market to know what prices are standard, how much you can save and on what, which services the vendor’s competitors offer, etc. Be ready to find a range of prices, as they depend on the country, region, season, vendor’s experience, and many other factors. Still, you have to orientate a little in general to do the negotiation.

Tip #3

Ask for discount, don’t assume they’ll offer it

It’s in your best interest to ask for a discount and not wait until the vendor offers it. They might never offer but agree to give one if you ask. It doesn’t mean you suddenly become a beggar, that’s a totally normal question, “Can you offer us a discount?” or “Are you offering any discounts right now?”.

Though, never try to lessen the service a vendor offers in the hope to pay less. It will only offend the person because their job is very important for them. So, this is a bad way to get a discount. Being polite and respectful usually is more profitable than underestimating someone’s work.

Be honest with the vendor. You can straight ask if they can work with the amount of money you can offer. Or what services you can get for a certain sum of money. Maybe they’ll offer you a special deal you haven’t even thought about.

Tip #4

Be prepared for not getting any discount

You have to understand that not always you’ll succeed in negotiation with vendors. Sometimes, they just say No. Even if you’re the nicest person, are showing properly respect to the vendor, and doing everything right, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a discount at all or as big as you would like. Don’t be upset, it’s life. And also, you can always look for another vendor if you can’t afford this one.

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