Calendar avaA lot of couples have a small wedding budget – it’s fine, don’t be embarrassed or upset about it. You’ll just need to spend the money wisely. And our job is to help you with that. This time, we offer you a few truly useful tips as to how to save money on wedding vendors and wedding venue. When to book them to get the best price? How to negotiate with vendors and venue? Does your wedding date influence the prices? Read this post and go for a wonderful but budget-friendly wedding.

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Tip #1

Off-season wedding

This is a very obvious tip but we still wanted to remind you about it. Every region has its own high season – whether it’s March-October or June-August, etc. This is the time when everything is offered for the highest prices. A summer wedding, even rather modest and without pomp, might cost you a small fortune simply because your vendors and every single company in the wedding business charge high during this season – some of them live the whole year off these several months. So, if you want to save money, pick a date for your wedding during the low season. But remember to also avoid big holidays, like Christmas or Halloween, because they’re romantic, fun, and popular among couples. Off-season weddings give the vendors an opportunity to earn extra money when they don’t expect it, so they might gladly offer you a discount.

Tip #2

Avoid Saturdays

Everyone knows that a Saturday is the best and most desired day for celebrations. Most couples would like to have their wedding on Saturday so that their guests are able to come and have another day off the next day. But at the same time, this is the most expensive day for a wedding. Venues and vendors charge the highest for Saturday weddings. So, if you want to save a bit of money, choose another day and if possible, a weekday – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday are often a lot cheaper. Fridays and Sundays are cheaper than Saturdays but still more expensive than the weekdays. Book a wedding venue or hire a vendor for a Monday-Thursday wedding, and you’ll probably not only get a discount but also have their full attention because you might be the only couple to choose this day or even this week and all their time will go to you entirely.


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Tip #3

Book early or late

Most people book their wedding vendors about 1,5 years to 6 months before the actual event, so that’s when the venue personnel and vendors expect you to contact them. If you reserve a date earlier, you might be able to pick the date you want and get a discount.

Another option is to ask if they’re available 2-4 months before the wedding. Especially if you’re going for a weekday off-season wedding. There’s a big chance you’ll be able to book them and for a rather reasonable price because it’s sort of a last-minute deal and they get unexpected extra income.

Tip #4

Be nice

As usual, when you’re communicating with people, being polite and respectful does miracles for your mood and often your wallet. A lot of vendors might agree to give a discount or at least toss some extra services to your package if they like you. It doesn’t mean that you should play up to vendors and expect them to charge you less, just be nice to the people you’re working with and there’s a chance you’ll get something out of it. Though, there’s no guarantee, so do it because it’s polite, not with a potential benefit in mind.


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