Round wedding bouquet avaA wedding bouquet is one of the main and loveliest accessories of every bride. It’s a bright accent that stands out against her white wedding gown and veil, so the bouquet always attracts everyone’s attention. Often, it’s the first thing people see when looking at the blushing bride. And you should be very careful to choose the right bridal bouquet that will complement your look and will be comfortable to carry around, as it will accompany you the whole day long. There are many existing types of wedding bouquets to choose from, here are a few most popular styles.

Round wedding bouquet

This type of bouquets is widely used by brides all over the world. It looks neat and charming. Round wedding bouquets are composed of flowers of one type (roses are the most popular choice, but peonies, ranunculus, and other similar florals can be used as well). These bouquets have a perfectly round spherical shape. You are free to pick a monochromatic or multicolored round bridal bouquet.


What type of wedding bouquet to choose? Round wedding bouquet

What type of wedding bouquet to choose? Round wedding bouquet


Cascade wedding bouquet

This style is also often seen in brides’ hands. This composition usually gets a dramatic wow-effect because the flowers and greenery cascade toward the ground beautifully. This bouquet includes some green vines or soft branches that hang down, and it can be composed of different types of flowers. Most often, such bouquets are comparatively large, so be prepared for it.


What type of wedding bouquet to choose? Cascade wedding bouquet


Hand-tied wedding bouquet (garden-style wedding bouquet)

This type is popular among many brides because it looks natural and simple. It suits well for boho-chic or rustic wedding ceremonies, but not merely for those. Hand-tied bridal bouquets typically consist of fresh garden flowers simply tied together with a ribbon (and a few hidden cords and pieces of tape) in a bit of a carelessly created bunch. It often includes green leaves and stems sticking in every direction and hanging down.


What type of wedding bouquet to choose? Garden wedding bouquet


Posy wedding bouquet

Usually, this flower composition is small, handy, and simple. It consists of florals and some greenery gathered in a neat bunch and tied with a ribbon. The stems are left bare, without any holder or vase. This style of bridal bouquet will be the perfect choice for brides who like minimalism.


What type of wedding bouquet to choose? Posy wedding bouquet


Biedermeier wedding bouquet and nosegay wedding bouquet

These two types of bridal bouquets are very similar. Both consist of flowers (usually, of different types but the same length) gathered tightly in composition, with a stiff frame. The stems can be tightly wound with a ribbon so that the bouquet is easier to carry around and doesn’t stain hands. Biedermeier bouquet consists of contrasting flowers arranged in tight concentric circles.


Presentation wedding bouquet (arm sheath wedding bouquet)

This type of bridal bouquets might look rather inconvenient to hold, but it has a dramatic look that wins some brides’ affection. It is composed of flowers with long stems, like roses, calla lilies, delphiniums, etc. The bride has to cradle such a bouquet in her arm like a baby. The main advantage of a presentation wedding bouquet is that it always stays a bit to the side, so the bride’s gown can be the center of attention and not the bouquet.


What type of wedding bouquet to choose? Presentation wedding bouquet


Composite wedding bouquet

This bridal bouquet looks extravagant and unusual. It is rather costly as well because it’s a real work of art and is complicated in structure. This bouquet looks like a huge single flower, but it’s composed of hundreds of separate flower petals attached together with the help of wire and a stiff frame. Composite wedding bouquets can fit different wedding styles, also they’re popular among bridesmaids, as a dozen of composite wedding bouquets look much fancier than just one bouquet.


Fan wedding bouquet

This type of wedding bouquet is perhaps the most unusual and extraordinary of all. Fan wedding bouquets are perfect for retro-style weddings, rustic weddings, and the like. It is shaped like a fan and decorated with lovely flowers – simply a striking look! Usually, the composition consists of an actual fan (made from wood, plastic, straw, lace, etc) and small florals artfully arranged onto the fan.

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