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Wedding trend avaPrepping for upcoming nuptials can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, we can always ask experts when it comes to what's trendy in the world of weddings. And this time, the Vice President of Marketing Amanda Goetz will tell us about the top wedding trends set to dominate 2019. We’ll talk about invitations, wedding gifts, décor and most trendy colors of the wedding, and the wedding cake. If you want to get a wow-effect from your wedding, here are some useful advice.


We all love getting an invitation on the mail. It gives you a glimpse of what's to come. So, how to make the invitations in 2019?

Invitations unboxed

Couples are using the invitations to make a bold statement.

Typography is leading the charge at the chicest design detail.

The cost of over-the-top invitations can quickly add up.

This year, boxed invitations are all the rage. The guest gets to unbox it, and even Instagram unboxing! It sounds expensive but couples are able to save money by their inviting less guests. And they're saving money using things like digital RCPS through their wedding websites.

In 2019, the biggest trend is that everybody's making their own personal statement with weddings. So the biggest trend is – there is no trend.

Bridal registry

Registry without restriction

Look to their registry to get a glimpse of who they are.

Wedding registries are all about the couple and their real life together.

There is no restrictions anymore to registries. These days, we see couples adding things like samurai sword lessons for their beloved ones, IVF treatments to help start their life together, etc. So, look to the registry to see what the couple cares about, what they're going to be doing after “I do”, and even charity registry (adding charity to the registry is really important, too, for some people).

Color and moody hues

One of the big decisions is color and moody hues.

Moody hues and iridescent décor

Squid ink, midnight blue, emerald and rich burgundy.

Dark hues offer a rich look, add depth, and pair perfectly with natural textures.

Beloved metallics, aren’t going anywhere.

Color is still making its way back in. This year, we're going to see lots of saturated pink, squid-ink, emeralds, greens, and really deep merlot colors. We're seeing accents of iridescent really on the rise this year.

Wedding cake

This year think of cakes as almost a work of art. Sculptural cakes are going to be on the rise, and so it's still an important part of the reception. Couples love to cut the cake and share that sweet nibble, but now it's going to be part of the full decor and it's really an art installation. It's such a traditional thing, so it's a great way to play around with it.

The cake is a work of art

Sculptural is the name of the game.

Many cakes are finished with stunning designs, rich in color and texture for added effect.

Making an exit

Sparklers have been on the rise for a while, but they're going to have to make way for the new kid in town – the smoke bomb. These bombs elicit a cloud of pigment in the air that you can match to your wedding colors or create a rainbow. And it really makes for one amazing photo backdrop, but also like an awww-moment for your guests and, paired with surprise entertainment, it really adds a wow-factor.

Making an exit or an entrance

Smoke bombs!

Couples are also booking surprising entertainment elements like bagpipes or mariachi bands.

And it doesn't have to just be an exit anymore. It can be an entrance or at the end of your ceremony. So there's no rules anymore for big exit.


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