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Wedding gown trend avaThe main headache of almost every bride-to-be is her wedding dress. And that’s where we are here for you. We’ve found out the newest wedding gown trends. As you may know, the cuts and designs of bridal dresses are chosen according to the body shape of the bride. But trendy fabrics, accessories, adornments, and style of a wedding gown change from time to time. We are ready to share with you the info right from the world’s fashion podiums about wedding dress trends in 2019.


# 5

Metallic touches

Shining details and metallic fabrics triumph this season. Don’t miss out on metallic accessories, jewelry, and shoes either.

Wedding gown trend1

Wedding gown trend2



# 4

Voluminous skirts

In princess cuts or overskirts on a siren cut gown, these are fabulous. Inspired by Cinderella, and by romanticism.

Wedding gown trend3

Wedding gown trend4



# 3

Dresses with sleeves

Frilled, oversized, and attention-grabbing. Made with brocade and transparent fabrics.

Wedding gown trend5

Wedding gown trend6



# 2

Floral details

Flowers everywhere: in prints and in those added touches. This year, florals are ideal for vintage and bohemian brides.

Wedding gown trend7

Wedding gown trend8



# 1

Capes for brides

Capes in all their shapes, sizes, and materials, from feathers to tulle to silk. Capes are perfect for both classic and modern looks. Capes that transform into veils, and short capes that help to emphasize the bride’s shape.

Wedding gown trend9

Wedding gown trend10


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