DIY avaWhen you decide to DIY some stuff for your wedding – whether it’s wedding décor or bridal bouquet or guestbook, etc – it means that you have a clear vision of what your wedding should look like. And usually, the hardest thing is not to find creative ideas or to DIY the objects or even deliver everything to the wedding venue – the hardest thing is to explain your vision to those people who will arrange your DIY installations so that they do it all just as you’ve imagined. You need to be very organized with your DIY wedding décor. And here are a few useful pieces of advice.

Tip #1

Write down the instruction

Whoever is going to arrange your DIY stuff on the wedding day, leave them an instruction. Only you know what goes where, how every detail should look like, and what’s the whole picture. But your friends and family or wedding planner, or whoever is responsible for the DIY décor have no idea what to do unless you tell them. It would be great if you give them step-by-step instructions or some other detailed instructions.

Tip #2

Pack everything correctly

You can use different ways of packing your DIY stuff, but it should be easy for other people to understand your idea. If it’s wedding table décor, you can put all the items for one table in one box and sign it “Table 1”, “Table 2”, etc. Or you can put all the things for all of the tables in one box, especially if these items are identical for each table. So, you’ll have a box for table centerpieces, a box for wedding aisle décor, a box for the bar, and so on.


How to organize your DIY wedding décor to avoid chaos on wedding day


Choose the right box for your DIY stuff to protect it from damage while driving it to the place of your wedding. For example, there are wine boxes with cardboard partitions that are perfect for packing glass or fragile flowers. And your box should be not too large and not too small for the items inside. And they also shouldn’t be too heavy for the people who’ll carry them.

Tip #3

List of things on each box

Every box with your DIY stuff should have a piece of paper attached to it with a list of items inside. It will help people understand what’s inside the box without opening it, avoid forgetting something, and easily navigating among piles of items.

Another great thing is to arrange your DIY décor at home the way you want it to look like, take a photo, and tape it to the box. This will show your assistants exactly what you expect to see.

Tip #4

What to do with DIY wedding signs?

If you’re DIYing your wedding signs, write down where this particular sign goes and attach the poster to the back of each sign.

Top #5

Make general checklist

Create a general checklist of all your DIY things with detailed info. This will help you check if all of the things are ready, packed, and arranged correctly. Have this checklist in your phone and send it to those people responsible for your DIY wedding items.

Tip #6

Don’t be too hard on people arranging your DIY stuff

They’re doing their best to help you, but they can’t get inside your head and see what you expect from them. They might put something not where it belongs or miss something. It’s fine, your wedding guests probably won’t even notice. Prepare yourself for your expectations not to coincide with reality.

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