Rustic wedding avaRustic weddings are not for everyone. Some people even think they’re outdated and redneck, as opposed to fancy cream-on-cream weddings. But don’t hurry to discard the idea of having a wedding with a rustic vibe, just make it modern rustic – fresh and timeless. Here are a few tips and ideas you can use to achieve the perfect 2023 stylish rustic wedding.

Rustic wedding attire

For a groom, the easiest way of dressing is a tan or brown suit, informal, comfy, maybe unbuttoned, with just a boutonniere as an adornment.

For a bride, that would be something long, flowing, with natural lines (no crinolines, no corsets), and plenty of lace for decoration. Often, rustic wedding dresses are long-sleeved but with an open back. Such gowns look timeless and elegant.


There are plenty of wedding florals perfect for a rustic-style wedding – sunflowers, baby’s breath, lunaria, etc. Dried flowers work wonderfully, like dry baby’s breath. Or such things as wheat ears, eryngium, dry twigs, greenery, and so on. But don’t make your wedding bouquet entirely dried (people usually don’t realize that dried florals can be much more fragile than fresh flowers), so try a combination of fresh flowers and dried elements for your rustic wedding bouquet.

Wedding boutonnieres

Rustic-style boutonnieres look delicious and unique. But our advice is to use fresh flowers instead of dried ones in a boutonniere. Simply because your dried boutonniere can fall apart when you hug people – and we do that a lot at a wedding. To add the rustic vibe to your boutonniere, concentrate on the fabric or ribbon that keeps the construction together. You can use burlap combined with lace for a modern rustic look, different canvas, ribbons, jute rope and other natural cords, etc.

DIY elements

Such things as burlap, dried plants, beads, mason jars, various candles, and so on are great indicators of a rustic wedding (not only that, of course, but you’ll see them at rustic weddings often). But do you know what they are also perfect for? Right! For DIY. So, if you’re a fan of DIY stuff, use it at your rustic wedding.

Wedding table centerpieces

Rustic wedding table centerpieces are absolutely charming. Even if you’re not having a rustic wedding, you should look into such centerpieces because they’re wonderful and stylish. They include a variety of textures, plants of different heights, again, some dried elements, candles, small wood blocks, and natural fabrics.

Often, rustic wedding table centerpieces are minimalist, with just a single flower in a vase or a dry twig combined with candles, or something similar. By the way, this is a great way of reducing costs for your wedding flower décor because you don’t pay for a ton of fancy florals.

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