bachelorette party avaMost bachelorette parties are held pretty much the same – girls gather, go for a drink, dance, sing karaoke, have fun talking about relationships and the future wedding, and so on. But what if you’re the maid of honor and want to organize a unique and absolutely memorable bachelorette party? What activities to choose to impress your friend? How to entertain the guests so that everybody has fun and there are no awkward moments between people who probably have never met before or just met occasionally? Here are a few truly unique ideas you can incorporate in a bachelorette party.

Matching tattoos

If a bachelorette party is small, only for a few closest friends, you can offer the bride to have matching tattoos (or slightly different tattoos in a matching style) done to remember this day forever. It can be just a tiny symbol, initials, or something like that. Such things help you feel the closeness, the unity with your friends. But, of course, everyone has to be ok with having a tattoo, because some people are against it or afraid of doing it – never force or talk people into having a tattoo, or they might regret it later.

Meaningful stickers, signed stuff, wedding hashtag

When you’re preparing a bachelorette party for your best friend or someone you care about, think about getting various items signed with the name of the bride and groom, their wedding date, the groom’s face printed on them, or whatever. You can order stickers, T-shirts with the couple’s photo or the bridesmaids’ photo, emergency kits with their wedding hashtag, a phone case with the groom’s photo printed on it, and so on. There are so many cute and memorable items you can use, and the bride can keep them after the bachelorette party. It’s a lovely idea and not that costly.

Shopping for local crafts

Not everybody wants to spend the whole bachelorette party weekend drinking, so think what you can also do in your location. For example, you can all go shopping for local crafts to the local boutiques, small craft shops, a flea-market, or similar places. It can be fun! And maybe the bride will find there some last-minute décor for her wedding, who knows?! Going to a local farmers market can be a good idea as well. You can try some tasty and unusual foods there.

Outdoor trip

The bride and her bridesmaids might like a little hike or some sports activity on the bachelorette party weekend. Even if they’re total city girls, maybe they just have never tried outdoor activity and there’s a big chance they’ll love it. Especially in case you organize everything top notch. It doesn’t have to be camping. Search for a forest B&B with stables where you can ride horses, an old log hotel in the woods, a ski resort, an eco farm boutique hotel in the middle of nowhere, and so on. Use your imagination and knowledge about the bride – what she might like. If you’re not sure the girls will love an outdoor trip, choose for it only 1 day or half a day and plan the rest of the weekend as an ordinary bachelorette party.

Make the bride feel special

If your responsibility is to organize the bachelorette party, whatever your plan is, do your best to make the bride feel special. Prepare for the bachelorette party, don’t just offer everybody to go random bar hopping – that would be too casual. Make some effort for this night or weekend to be special. Use your skills – if you’re good in DIY, make the decorations, if you’re a great manager, arrange everything perfectly, and so on. The more you put into this party, the better and more loved the bride will feel. It’s her last weekend as an unmarried woman, she should remember it for years! And note that even the smallest things matter. Like her initials on stuff, custom-made T-shirts specifically for this day, using her favorite taste or color, etc.

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