Wedding 15K avaAre you planning a wedding and scared of the costs you see popping up? Know that you’re not alone. So many couples are facing this particular challenge and trying to find a way out. Of course, you can make your wedding smaller or less fancy, etc, but what if you don’t want to sacrifice the dream about your perfect wedding for harsh reality? There is always a way to solve any problem, so stop stressing about your wedding budget and consider the following wedding budget saving tips. They will truly help you reduce some of your expenses.

Remember unforeseen costs

Whatever you’re planning – whether it’s a wedding or a party, or construction, etc – the rule #1 is to have an emergency fund for the unforeseen costs that will inevitably pop up. If you don’t prepare for them, these expenses will thread your wedding budget to pieces. What unforeseen costs can there be? There’s a whole lot of them – extra taxes, fees, DIY stuff that you decide to not make or don’t have time to finish, various emergency situations (like, ripping your dress during the last try-on or breaking rental furniture), extra delivery services, and so on and so forth.

Say no to all-inclusives

Anything “all-inclusive” means “expensive”. You save time and effort by paying money instead. And if your wedding budget is small, all-inclusives must be forgotten. All-inclusive venues are very convenient and they are usually worth the money, but you have to set your priorities. It’s much, much cheaper to book the basic services and pay only for whatever extras you choose. For example, you can decorate the venue yourself or hire a cheaper florist, you can create the menu according to your budget, you can rent simpler wedding furniture, or work with less famous vendors.

Buy used or off-the-rack wedding dress

Instead of spending $5,000 or $25,000 on a new wedding gown, think about renting a dress, buying a used one or off-the-rack, tailoring a gown (especially if you have a seamstress among your family or friends).

For more options to reduce the expenses on your wedding dress, read this article: Where to get affordable wedding dress. Pros and cons of buying cheaper wedding dresses.

Wedding rings from unaccustomed materials

This is a great option to save some money if you’re open to it. You don’t have to buy gold diamond wedding rings. There are plenty of interesting super trendy options, like wood, silver, silicone, etc. These days, it’s the norm to wear non-gold wedding bands. Don’t be afraid to consider other options. You might save $10,000 and still have just as efficient rings.

Re-purpose stuff

This year, there’s a wonderful trend to reuse wedding floral installations. For example, a portable wedding arch at the altar can be placed at the entrance to the reception. Or bridesmaids’ bouquets can be put into vases to decorate the venue with more flowers. Or decorative installations from the wedding ceremony can be transferred to a photo zone. With flowers, it’s easy to re-purpose them, but maybe you’ll find other stuff that can be used like that as well. Be inventive and you’ll cut the costs without much effort.

Save the date cards aren’t obligatory

Wedding stationery is expensive, so this is a nice thing to cut expenses on. You can send the wedding invitations online instead of having them printed, although if that’s not an option for you, then at least skip the save the date cards. They’re not obligatory at all, and you’ll save on the designer’s work, printing them, and mailing them to your guests. Just send the invitations 8-12 weeks before the wedding date so that people have time to schedule this day.

Skip wedding favors

Honestly, wedding favors are left behind so very often. Practically at every wedding, somebody leaves them, sometimes dozens are left behind. So why spend the money, your time, and effort prepping them if very few guests appreciate these little gifts. If you’re still set on having the wedding favors, think about giving them only to your bridal party, not every single guest.

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