Balloons avaNot all couples have bridal showers but such a party can be pretty fun and the perfect way to lose your stress a bit before the wedding. So, if your budget allows this and you have the desire to meet with your friends and relatives before the big day, we advise having a wedding shower. Besides, there might be some bridal shower gifts from your guests that will be useful for the wedding itself. Feel free to even create a wedding shower registry if you’re ok with such things. But let’s talk about the best bridal shower decoration ideas for your future party.

Bridal shower photo frame

Various photo zones are very popular these days. People love to take selfies, especially girls, and if you’re inviting a pro photographer to your wedding shower, you have to create some space for better pics. So, buy or DIY a bridal shower photo prop frame – you won’t regret it.

Cute banners

It’s not a problem to find a cute wedding-themed banner for your bridal shower. It can be draped across the entrance, a railing, above the table or drink station, and so on to create a festive pre-wedding mood. You can also make a banner yourself or ask your bridesmaids to do it for the party.

Fringe garlands

Sparkly shimmering things are wonderful decorations for such occasions as a wedding shower. And the easiest embellishment you can DIY is a colorful foil fringe garland – super simple to make, cheap, and looks cute.

Balloon decorations

It can be an arch, a corner in your bridal shower venue adorned with balloons, an outdoor photo zone, etc. Balloons are great because they’re comparatively cheap and the diversity of colors is huge. It’s easy to get the right balloon decoration for a themed wedding shower as well.

Foil letter balloon decorations

If you’re tight on a budget, just buy something common, like “love”, “bride to be”, “wedding”, etc – you’ll find plenty of options on the market. In case you’re ready to spend a bit more on your bridal shower decorations, you can order custom-made foil letter balloons that spell your names or a phrase you’d love to see during the party. This kind of decorations can be personalized and eye-catching – great for wedding shower photos, for example.

Bridal shower signs

Handmade wedding shower signs made from wood, canvas, or cardboard look charming. Besides, if you pick the right sign, you’ll be able to use it for the wedding as well later.

Neon signs

Neon wedding signs are still trendy in 2023. Why not use them for a bridal shower, too? A heart-shaped neon sign, for instance, can be the perfect decoration for both a shower and a wedding. And after that, such a sign can be taken home by the newlyweds and placed in the family room or gaming room as a memorable décor item.

Acrylic cake toppers

Planning to treat your wedding shower guests with a cake? Get a cute acrylic cake topper to decorate your dessert.

Useful tip!
Use your imagination and available resources to make cheap and beautiful bridal shower decorations for the party – they’ll create the right mood and prepare you emotionally for the big day. Any material and design are fine, as long as you personally like the adornments.

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