American wedding avaWeddings are a part of our everyday culture. In fact, about 5 million people or 2,5 million couples get married in America each year. It’s said that the wedding industry is a $60-billion industry. But no matter how much the newlyweds have spent on their wedding, it still is a memorable and happy event which they will remember for the rest of their lives. The American wedding doesn’t have a lot of old traditions – like the wedding in many other parts of the world – and these wedding traditions and superstitions are comparatively modern. Though, some of them are really interesting.

USwedding avaThere are a lot of curious American wedding traditions but in this article, we're going to talk about the engagement ring, the wedding dress, the veil, and the bridal bouquet. Let’s find out their value to American culture and look at these items throughout history. For example, do you know how a typical American bride looked like during the wartime, Jazz Age, Great Depression, and other significant periods for the US? What accessories did they use? How did the style of wedding gowns, bouquets, and veils change with time? That’s what we’re going to talk about below.

Mexican wedding avaToday we are going to talk about the Mexican wedding traditions because some of them really are unique and different from those in other parts of the world. For instance, Mexican couples usually have sponsors that pay for their wedding (or at least cover some of the expenses). Also, there are several special rituals performed during the wedding ceremony and the party afterwards. And the bride and groom often choose Mexican traditional clothing as wedding costumes.