Korean wedding costume avaIn Korea, folk wedding clothing is very bright, colorful, and elaborately shaped. And we can say this about both male and female wedding outfits. Also, these costumes are interesting because they’re multilayered. The traditional headdresses of Korean newlyweds are cute and intricate as well – not all couples wear them but these headpieces add a lot of charm to the bride and groom, so the wedding look appears much better with a folk headdress.

Pakistan avaThe wedding outfits of Pakistan look grand! They’re so ornate, bright, and breathtakingly beautiful, you can’t take your eyes off them. There’s no surprise that Pakistani brides and grooms wish to wear folk costumes for their wedding even in the 21st century. Pakistani wedding shalwar kameez and sarees are much more splendid than even the most elaborate Western-style white wedding gowns. And no tux can be compared to Pakistani groom’s clothing.

Saukele avaKazakhstan is one of those Central Asian countries with rich traditions, a lot of which are still followed today. Including some of the local wedding traditions. Kazakh brides don’t always wear a folk wedding dress these days, but just a few decades ago, practically all of them did. And a wedding looked like a colorful and grand occasion, full of meaningful rituals, old traditions, and authentic symbols everywhere you looked. Let’s find out what a traditional Kazakh bridal attire is like, what materials it has to be made of, and what embellishments and jewelry they used.

Hmong woman avaIt can be hard for a small national community to survive and preserve its culture. But the Hmong people manage to do both pretty effectively. Partially, that is thanks to their strict marriage traditions – some of them ensure there’s no incest, others help to pass old beliefs of the ancestors to the next generations. Anyway, this Chinese community has curious and useful wedding traditions, along with less logical and more superstitious ones. But all of them let us better understand the Hmong culture.

Vietnamese wedding avaVietnamese traditional wedding clothing hasn’t changed dramatically for several hundred years. Of course, some details, fabrics, hairstyles, footwear can be modern, but the general look is pretty much the same. And this is impressive how these people honor their traditions and love their folk attire. Despite contemporary Western-style bridal clothes widely in use throughout the planet, the Vietnamese often prefer to wear the traditional bride and groom’s costumes even in the 21st century.

Indian wedding1 avaIndia is one of those countries with a large variety of wedding traditions, rituals, and superstitions. So, there should be some strict rules as to what wedding dress a bride must wear. And yes, such rules exist. For example, the traditional wedding gown should be of a certain color, certain design, and the bride should wear certain jewelry pieces and makeup. Indian brides look glamorous and beautiful in their wedding attire – practically no Western-style wedding gown can be as awe-inspiring.

Kayan avaThe Kayan people have striking traditions, very different from what we know and what seems normal to us. For example, women of this ethnic group wear brass neck rings throughout their whole lives, due to which their necks are lengthened and look bizarre. But this tradition is not the only one that can surprise and astonish. The Kayan wedding traditions are also rather odd and interesting.

Indian wedding avaIndian traditional wedding is always a cheerful and colorful occasion. It’s full of tradition. Such a festivity is definitely worth observing or – if you’re lucky – participating in. Vivid colors, rich décor, flowers and greens everywhere, plenty of singing and dancing, tasty food, millennia-old rituals, and so much more. But to really understand what’s going on, a person (especially a foreigner) should learn the meaning and symbolism of various Indian marriage rituals and traditions. That’s what we’re going to do right now, together.

Bali avaBalinese wedding attire looks very beautiful, ornate, and regal, especially the costume of the royalty and wealthy couples. And the most eye-catching part of the bride’s outfit is the headdress in the shape of a huge and intricately made crown. It seems like you could stand for hours near the bride and survey this gorgeous headpiece because it has so many tiny details. Come on, let’s take a closer look at the wedding headdress used by blushing brides in Bali.

Thai wedding avaThailand has a lot of wedding traditions, rituals, and rules. But it’s not always that all of them are incorporated in one wedding – the family just honors the main traditions and chooses a few of smaller and not obligatory ones. Also, Thais may have either a Buddhist religious ceremony or a civil one. And they know how to party all right! We’d like to share with you several important Thai wedding traditions. They will help you better understand the culture and lifestyle of Thailand.