Indonesia wedding avaIndonesia has some very curious and unique wedding traditions. Indonesian brides are expected to show off at their wedding, so their parents often spend a fortune to prepare for the event. The gold jewelry and bridal headpieces worn by the local brides are usually passed down through several generations. Maybe some of the wedding traditions you’ll read about below appeared because Indonesia is a rather poor country, so they try to organize grand weddings for their children to make them feel rich and famed at least this one time in their life.

Hanbok avaKorean people traditionally wear their national costumes called “hanbok” to their wedding. Even if they use a Western-style white wedding gown and a tux, they still dress in hanbok at some point in the wedding ceremony, for instance for the tea ceremony or another ritual. A lot of couples don’t even buy Western-style wedding clothing and prefer only the folk attire for their big day. But they lose nothing because Korean traditional bridal costume is exquisite – bright, eye-catching, regal-looking, and magnificent.

Vietnam avaThe Vietnamese culture is rather humble and restricted and the local people are used to keep their temper in check. Most likely, you won’t witness a loud and wildly cheerful wedding in Vietnam. Some people even think that a Vietnamese wedding is boring, but it’s just that this country’s bridal rituals and ceremonies are based on old traditions. Vietnamese people honor their traditions greatly, so their wedding ceremony is made for your soul rather than your body, unlike in so many other countries, where you just eat, drink, and dance. Come with us to witness a part of Vietnamese traditional wedding.

Korean wedding avaMany Asian weddings are much more restrained, traditional, and demure than American or African ones. That’s because of the temperament differences. So some Korean wedding traditions are pretty unusual, but it makes them even more interesting. For instance, Koreans took presenting cash as a wedding gift to a whole new level – most wedding guests actually just give money instead of buying toasters, cutlery, or adorable trinkets. There is even a fixed rate for different guests as to how much money they should give. Let’s see what other wedding traditions are there in Korea.

Hindu avaWhen you’re organizing a wedding, there are several main factors which you would take into consideration, like nationality (many people want a wedding in their country’s custom), religion, family traditions, and personal tastes. So, if you’re Hindu, here are a few wedding traditions you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony. And if you’re not, you can just learn a few interesting Indian customs to broaden your horizons.

Filipino celeb avaWe are used to celebrities wearing the fanciest, most expensive, and most luxurious wedding dresses. And here are five celebs from the Philippines and their bridal gowns. But are they really that expensive and that impressive? Well, considering the Filipino standard of living, they just might be luxurious enough. Let’s see and compare the prices with US celebrities’ wedding gowns.

Filipino wedding avaSome of the Filipino wedding traditions are well-known abroad, like the money dance. But there are so many wedding rituals and activities here that are not as famous. So, this article will help you find out more about the traditional wedding in the Philippines from a person who knows it all firsthand because he is married to a local woman and had a typical Filipino wedding. Let’s hear him out and learn more about unique and so different for an American or European bystander wedding customs.

Vietnam avaThe Vietnamese bridal fashion changed a lot during the last 100 years. In the 20th century, women in Vietnam usually used traditional clothing as wedding dresses. But since the 1980s, the local brides prefer modern wedding gowns, accessories, and jewelry. It’s so curious to observe the changes in bridal dresses, in hairstyles and headgear, and in bridal jewels. Let’s watch these changes in photos and enjoy the exotic beauty of Asian women.

Balinese wed avaBali island in Indonesia is a really special place, with its centuries-old traditions and flamboyant rituals. And the local wedding customs are as original as the culture of Bali. Today, we’ll talk about a royal wedding that took place in Bali several years ago between the half Balinese, half Australian prince Tjok Gus and popular Indonesian TV star Happy Salma. Also, we’ll tell you more about Balinese royal wedding traditions, adorable love stories in the royal family, and a bit strange local wedding rituals.

Sikh avaIndian traditional wedding is full of different rituals and significant ceremonies. That’s because, in this country, everything has a symbolic meaning. We’d like to show you a Sikh traditional wedding with all its brightness and symbolism. Let’s look at the Sikh religious marriage ceremony and informal party with sweets and blessings. Of course, you won’t miss the extraordinary Indian traditional wedding clothing – beautiful ornate outfits that sparkle and shine. So, enjoy!