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sand ceremony avaDo you want some very special and touching ritual for your wedding? With a deep meaning and a romantic feel? Then the sand ceremony is just for you. It is so easy to plan and perform, but it can be a really great part of the wedding ceremony. It’s not something religious, so anybody can incorporate this ritual as wedding activity. Of course, you need to prepare for this ceremony – buy everything you’ll need, write the vows, and schedule time for it. So, here is what you should know about the wedding sand ceremony.

What is a sand ceremony?

The wedding sand ceremony is a unity ritual performed by the bride and groom at their wedding. It symbolizes the coming together of two people and their families to form one family. Usually, there are 3 vessels – one empty and two filled with sand (each has the sand of a particular color). If the couple wants their relatives – parents or children – to join the ceremony, they take more vessels with colored sand. During this ritual, the bride and groom (and other participants) pour their sand into an empty vessel, which symbolizes their new family. The sand mixes, combining different colors into a beautiful pattern. People also say their vows to each other while they’re pouring the sand.

This ritual has become rather popular these days, especially for Western-style weddings. It is a kind of a unity ceremony, symbolic and adorable. Some couples perform a unity candle ceremony at their wedding, but if you’re having an outdoor wedding, it might be not such a good idea to use candles. That’s where sand comes handy.

What do you need for the sand ceremony?

You can buy a special sand ceremony kit with everything you’ll need – it’s not a problem to find it online or in the local stores. Or you can make such a kit yourself.

You just need a few glass vessels – two (or more if you’re going to invite your parents / kids / siblings into your new family) smaller for the sand and one larger vessel that will house all this sand afterward. This latter vessel can be ornate and decorative or just a simple glass one.

You can have these vessels signed with your names and the wedding date. For the very least, the larger vessel can be etched with your last name and wedding date for you to always remember this day. Make sure that it has a stopper on top – otherwise, kids, animals, and clumsy guests can overturn the vessel and ruin your memorable object.

Also, you need colored sand, obviously. It is easy enough to buy it as well. The colors can match your wedding theme colors or you can choose your favorite colors or any colors that are meaningful for you.

On the wedding day, someone has to organize this ritual and make sure everything goes right. Afterward, the main vessel with sand should be kept and transported to your house. Usually, a marriage officiant or maid of honor is responsible for that.

That’s it! This wedding ritual is very easy to organize but it’s a touching and sentimental part of a wedding ceremony. And in the end, you get a special memorable item to remind you about one of the happiest days of your life.

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