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Pot a plant avaA lot of couples want to have some kind of romantic activity at their wedding to feel a special connection between them. One of the best ideas of such rituals is a wedding unity ceremony. It looks great, leaves you a sentimental object that you can store during your whole life, and provides you with a chance to express your feelings for each other on your big day. Usually, people are familiar with the most popular unity ceremonies but there are so many fresh ideas that you could use for your wedding. We offer you our top-8 wedding unity ceremony ideas.

Whiskey unity ceremony

You can make a great beverage together, which you would be able to enjoy a few years after your wedding. With time, the drink gets better, just as your life as a couple. But for this ritual, you’ll need some preparation in advance because the process of making whiskey is not that easy.

#7 Unity knot

This is a rather popular wedding unity ritual. Basically, you take a rope and solemnly tie a knot on it together with your partner. Add some vows and make this simple act meaningful.

#6 Blending wine

Take a large goblet and two ordinary wine glasses, pour different types of wine (for example, red&white or rose&white, etc), and organize a ceremony during which you blend these two sorts of wine together. After that, you can drink the mix and exchange your vows.

#5 Unity sand ceremony

During this ritual, you mix two different colors of sand in one vessel to symbolize the union of two families into one. More info you can find here: Wedding sand ceremony – how to plan and perform? Here are a few advice.

#4 Candle unity ceremony

This ritual is well-known and widespread. The bride and groom each has a lit candle and they light a larger candle together as a symbol of their love and new family.

#3 Hands tied together with ribbons

During this ritual, the hands of the couple are joined and tied with a colorful ribbon or a few ribbons. It symbolizes their bright future and a strong connection between them.

#2 Pot a plant together

You can pot a plant as a symbol of your new family. It will grow along with your relationship. This ritual is eco-friendly, romantic, and very trendy these days. If you’re not a fan of potted plants, plant a tree instead. It can be your own environmental project.

#1 Peanut butter & jelly sandwich

This unity ceremony is cute and unusual. It is typical for American weddings because Americans love their peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. So each partner makes their part of the sandwich and then they combine it to make a perfect delicious treat. The bride and groom can then eat this sandwich and dream about their sweet life together.

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