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Phone avaThere are so many things you need to remember and consider when you’re planning a wedding. It can be hard to take everything under control, especially if you can’t afford a wedding planner. We’ve already mentioned some of the major tips and faq, but what about smaller points? We’ve got a few pieces of advice for the future brides and grooms to note when you’re in the middle of the wedding prep. These may be little and simple things, but they can be lifesavers.

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Unplugged wedding

These days, more and more couples choose an unplugged wedding. It means that they ask their guests to refrain from taking pictures and recording videos with their gadgets. There is only a professional wedding photographer (or a whole team of them) who records everything. The reason for an unplugged wedding is the huge number of phones, tablets, and cameras people use now, they often look at the world through the screens of their smartphones, and in every photo, all you see is phones and tablets everywhere instead of faces. If you want to have beautiful professionally-made wedding photos, ban smartphones at least for the official wedding ceremony. Your guests will have their turn during the party.

Signature cocktails

To add some personalized and funny feature, create a few signature cocktails for your wedding guests. Make them represent your couple somehow. In any case, your guests will appreciate them, that’s a guarantee.

Useful tips! Choose 2-3 tasty and significant for you cocktails for people to easily pick. Work with popular beverages and make them differ from one another. If you know for sure that many of your guests don’t drink alcohol, make 1 of the signature cocktails alcohol-free.


When you’re choosing the music for your wedding party, we’d suggest you opt for a live band rather than a DJ. Sure, young party-goers might like a DJ more, and it’s totally cool – it’s your wedding after all and you make the decisions. But if you’re envisioning a romantic and sweet marriage party, a live band is a better choice. The wedding guests are a miscellaneous public, so, with live music, everybody will be able to enjoy your wedding.

Another little piece of advice: when the bride is walking down the aisle, it’s better to have live music accompany her. It’s more expensive than a recording but you’ll be sure there won’t be any technical problems, glitches, etc. Just to be safe that a mishap won’t spoil your moment.

Silent disco

Some wedding venues or wedding locations have noise restrictions, like, loud noises and music are prohibited after 9-10 p.m., etc. But it doesn’t mean that you have to get your party over because of that. Today, there is a really cool and fun option – a silent disco. Everybody on the dance floor wears wireless headphones and the DJ plays music for them. With the headphones off, you don’t hear a thing, but wear them and voila! you’re in the middle of a mad party. This new trend is a lifesaver for party-goers who want to dance through the night. And each guest can regulate the loudness or rest from the noise whenever he or she likes.

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