Rain wedding avaWedding insurance is a great way to protect your wedding, but you must understand that it usually takes time to get your coverage and not all the cases fall under the insurance umbrella. So, the more you minimize your chances of mishaps and accidents, the better. You would be surprised how much you can personally do to protect your wedding from most problems and stressful situations. So, here are a few tips that will help you – from choosing the best season to having backup options to picking the right time for beauty treatment.

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Tip #1

Choose an optimal season for the wedding

A large number of wedding insurance cases are connected to bad weather conditions. So, the easiest way to avoid weather problems is to plan your wedding for a time when weather is typically the best in your area. Of course, you can’t guess when it will be raining a year in advance, but your chances to have nice, warm, and sunny weather in summer is a lot better than in winter or late fall. And always avoid the most unpredictable or harsh season in your region.
Also, the closer it gets to the planned wedding date, the more accurate weather forecast you can have. Check the forecast from time to time so that you know what to expect and can make changes in the plan. Especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding.

Tip #2

Be organized and ready for anything

If you’re hiring a wedding planner, this person’s job is to be prepared for any mishaps and have a quick solution for any problem. So, you can just consult with the wedding planner as to what can happen and how he/she is going to save the day.

But in case you can’t afford or think you don’t need a professional planner, this all falls on your shoulders. You need to make a detailed schedule and write down various possible accidents (even small ones, like a stain on your wedding gown or a broken nail – and have an emergency kit for these situations). Check these schedules before the wedding to be sure you haven’t forgotten about anything. These days, there are plenty of wedding planning apps to help you do such things. And don’t be afraid to ask your maid of honor, sister, or close friend to help you with the wedding planning and preparations.

Tip #3

Choose your vendors carefully

The average couple hires about 13 vendors for their wedding, among them a wedding photographer and videographer, wedding DJ, florist, caterer, bartender, wedding cake baker, and many others. It’s important to choose these vendors smartly. Make sure your vendors are reliable, venue-approved, fully available (because some vendors overbook), within your budget, and open to offer samples or tastings.

Tip #4

Arrange for a power backup

Some people consider the power backup not so important, but just imagine power goes off during your wedding reception and you can do nothing about it. This happens even in the most developed and high-tech countries – bad weather conditions might damage wires, power systems might brake-down, or even some accident right in your venue might leave you without power for hours. Specialized wedding venues usually have a power backup, as it’s their business to provide for the event. But if you’re having a backyard wedding, outdoor wedding, or wedding in a place not prepared for such big events, you’d better have a backup generator or some other similar device.

Tip #5

Alcohol issues

Another very popular insurance coverage is host liquor liability coverage. A lot of people get tipsy or even royally drunk at weddings, and they can hurt themselves or each other or damage the property. This insurance coverage is truly useful and we advise you to include it in your wedding insurance, but also, you can at least try to avoid problems caused by alcohol intoxication. Some couples serve only beer and wine at their wedding – these drinks are a lot less potent than strong beverages. Or you can make your guests pay for their drinks (don’t forget to warn them about it in advance), so they would drink less. There are even alcohol-free weddings.

Sure, you can’t control your every guest’s drinking, but your chances of a wedding not spoiled by a drunken brawl are higher if you make an effort. Unless you think a wedding is not a wedding without a good fight)).

Tip #6

Select the right date

When picking the date of your future wedding, think carefully. Avoid dates of large celebrations in your city (because traffic will be awful), important dates for your close family and friends (like anniversaries, graduations, etc – your wedding guests probably won’t be able to attend to your wedding), big sporting events (you don’t want large crowds of drunk and emotional fans next to your wedding procession), and so on. Also, many wedding planners advise avoiding meaningful dates, like 21.02.2021 or 11.11.2011 and similar numerological dates because so many people want to get married on such days you’ll probably have to spend more money (the highest season is always the most expensive) and might have problems with booking wedding vendors.

Tip #7

Beauty treatment in its time

Every bride prepares carefully for the wedding–her skin, hair, body, nails, and every other little aspect of her appearance. But you should remember that any beauty procedure must be done in its time – some days and some months before the actual wedding. Otherwise, you risk walking down the aisle with a reddish face, hair of unnatural color, or orange skin from bad spray tanning.

Here is a nice article that’ll help you create a timeline for various pre-wedding beauty treatments: Long-term skin and hair prep for wedding makeup. Start your skincare 8 months in advance.


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