Wedding ava2This article will tell you about the Japanese wedding ceremony in detail. It is a beautiful and meaningful event. Today, not many Japanese couples have this traditional ceremony, with all the ancient rituals, folk garments, and symbolism. And it’s a pity. You definitely must see the authentic Japanese wedding ceremony because, who knows, it might disappear in several decades.

China avaMost brides choose white European-style wedding gowns for their wedding day. But some women prefer a bridal dress with ethnic motifs for the celebration. No matter if they want to surprise their guests or to add traditions to their wedding – the bridal gowns in folk style look beautiful and unique. Let us convince you in that. Here are wedding dresses with ethnic motifs from China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Morocco, Norway, Tanzania, and Uzbekistan.

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Jewish wedding avaThe Jewish wedding is a curious sight to behold. The wedding traditions of these people differ from the European or Asian bridal traditions. They are unique and can surprise somebody who watches the festivities for the first time. Though, the wedding outfits of a bride and groom are pretty much usual, with a touch of Jewish traditional accessories and peculiarities. For instance, do you know how a kosher wedding dress looks like?

Chinese wed avaThe most special clothing. Maybe you’ll only wear it once in your life. The most important dress in a woman’s life – a wedding gown. China has some strong tradition regarding the folk wedding dress. For instance, the color of the main garment should be red and the embroidery is made in gold threads. Every Chinese wedding outfit is perfect in its authenticity and peculiar Oriental beauty.