Ugly wedding dress avaWomen and their ideas of a perfect wedding! If a wedding ceremony and party are something where a groom also has a say, the wedding dress is a totally bride’s business only. And it can be a real challenge for the bride to choose a special wedding gown that will make the guests hold their breath. That’s where ugly wedding dresses make their appearance.

Mormon wedding avaSo, Mormon wedding. What does that mean? What wedding traditions do they have? Let’s find out what we can about the Mormon wedding. Why do I put it like that? Because there are certain rituals that aren’t allowed to be witnessed or even filmed. No outsiders may be present, only the people who are in this religion. Still, a lot of Americans are ready to sacrifice their grand weddings, with that famous bride’s walk down the aisle, and have a “secret” Mormon wedding ceremony.

Herero avaVery special and very touching wedding was held in Namibia, Africa. And what makes this celebration so adorable is that the groom was 85 and the bride was 54. It was a traditional wedding ceremony and festivities of the Herero people, an outstanding local ethnic group. Their wedding traditions reflect their lifestyle that they have been keeping for centuries. Let’s take a peek at the traditional Herero wedding and find out how much it differs from a usual European or American wedding.

Indian wedding avaIndia is one of those countries that definitely know a thing about wedding ceremonies. I think the largest, most colorful, and most pompous weddings are held in India. Even living abroad, Indians treasure their traditions. And among them are arranged marriages, very strict rules for the ceremony, etc. But this article is actually about a modern couple from the US who chose each other and are trying to mix the opposing wedding traditions of their Indian regions of origin. Will they succeed? Let’s see.

bridal bouquetWhy do brides all over the world throw their wedding bouquets? What does this tradition mean? And what to do if you consider it tacky or even dangerous? You won’t believe what some single women are capable of doing to get their own big wedding. So these days, many couples are forsaking the tradition of tossing the bridal bouquet in order to avoid violence and awkward situations during the wedding party. But actually, there are some very cute alternative rituals that you can use and be sure you’ll get plenty of “Awws!” from your guests.

Aisle avaWhen we’re planning our wedding, we want every single minute of it to be perfect. Usually, people pay more attention to big things – like the cake, the wedding party, the wedding dress – and forget about details. But these little things can ruin your ceremony and your mood if you drop your guard. For example, we rarely think about how everybody’s going to walk down the aisle. It seems that only the bride’s walk is important. But is it really so? Let’s ask the professional wedding planners.

Girl dress avaWe are used to the bride’s wedding dress being the most gorgeous, adorable, and charming at the wedding party. But sometimes, the festive gowns of guests can outshine even the prettiest of bridal outfits. And guess whose dresses we are talking about? Of course, it’s the wedding party gowns of toddlers and kids – those adorable little girls who are the gems of any wedding party.

Algerian wedding avaAlgerian bride is literally covered with gold and gems: her dress and veil are embellished with gold embroidery; her neck, chest, and belly are covered with gold jewelry, pearls, and precious stones; and on top of that all, she is wrapped in a golden hand-woven silk veil that covers her face and body from evil eyes. It really is a magnificent view – the Algerian wedding ceremony. I guess, any bride would be happy to shine as brightly as these women.

Celeste avaEvery woman wants to be the most beautiful, elegant, and breathtaking bride. And most brides have a dress of her dream. Today, there are thousands of various designs of wedding gowns to suit any taste. But these 5 women chose rather extraordinary wedding dresses. Their outfits are stylized in the 17th, 18th, 19th century, or even in Greek style. And not only the dress itself is period-accurate but the undergarments and accessories are as well. Oh, those corsets, lace, and gold embroidery look gorgeous.

Marry meEvery country has its own wedding traditions. Some of them are passed through the centuries, others are fresh and modern. Today, we’ll talk about the traditional British wedding. This subject is huge. There's so much information that we could give you, but first, let’s have a general overview of the British wedding. The wedding traditions mentioned in this article are used in the UK in modern days. So, let’s see how do Brits celebrate their big day.