wedding dress avaEvery bride-to-be dreams about a perfect wedding dress. But how to choose your wedding dress so that it suit you? How to find a gown that will make you look like a queen on your big day? Here you are several useful advice that might help you. Remember, a clever and inventive bride can always highlight her best traits and hide every disadvantage. And by the way, you don’t have to spend a fortune on the wedding dress to impress your groom and all the guests at the ceremony.

Wedding cake avaWho doesn’t dream about a royal wedding?! A huge wedding ceremony, hundreds of respectable guests, a 2-meter high wedding cake, gold decorations everywhere, and, of course, a real prince waiting for you at the altar. Well, those ten women below had all that and more. So, let’s at least look at their weddings – particularly, at their wedding cakes – and gossip. Who’s got the biggest cake, most intricate, most expensive, etc. Some of these brides even had to cut their wedding cake with a sword, rather than a knife.

Miao silver avaThe Miao people in China have curious wedding traditions. One of them is to dress a bride head-to-toe in silver. Traditionally, every bride should have plenty of silver adornments on her head, neck, shoulders, torso, and arms. All this silver can weigh about 13 kg. What bride wouldn’t want that much sparkle on her wedding gown?! But it isn’t just a way of beautifying the bride – this tradition has a strong and old background. These silver jewels play a very important role in the future of a newlywed couple.

Heather avaThe Scottish culture is extraordinary. It differs from most other folk cultures around the world. The kilt and tartan fabric is just a tiny part of unique local traditions. But what about the traditional wedding in Scotland? Is it also unique and worth attending? Actually, there are many curious Scottish wedding traditions that people still follow through even these days. Let’s find out which ones.

Polish avaYou can easily track the changes in world fashion trends by the wedding fashion. Wedding dresses are among the main clothing pieces showing the peculiarities of certain period in history. But the traditional wedding suits and gowns are another matter entirely. They remain without big changes for centuries sometimes. We’ve prepared a large collection of colorful photos of various folk wedding dresses from around the world – from Europe to Asia to Africa to Middle East to America. Enjoy!

Filipino wedding avaWedding superstitions are one of the most interesting things about the wedding, don’t you think? Today, we offer you a list of Filipino wedding superstitions and traditions. By the way, in the Philippines, the list of wedding superstitions is much longer than the dating superstitions. So, let’s divide them into the superstitions before the wedding, at the wedding, and after the wedding ceremony. If you’re about to attend a Filipino wedding, be sure to remember these superstitions so you don’t bring bad luck to the couple.

Couple avaEvery country has its own wedding traditions. Some of them are unique and curious, others are trivial. Still, it’s sometimes useful to learn the wedding customs of the overseas countries because they can diversify your own wedding and entertain the guests. There a few German wedding customs that are fun, unusual, and even silly. Let’s find out what they are.

Polish wedding avaPoland has plenty of unique and curious wedding traditions and wedding superstitions. People in this country are very superstitious. But they really know a thing about celebrations! A Polish wedding can last 3-4 days, and all this time people eat, dance, drink, toast, and play games. Though, the feast is intertwined with old traditional rituals, which makes the whole wedding party more cheerful, meaningful, and important.

British African wedding avaThe British-African couple Evonne and Sean wanted their wedding to be a fusion of both their cultures: British and Sierra Leonean. So they combined their wedding traditions and tried new roles for each of them. It’s hard to find two countries more different in temperament: where British people are conservative, restrained, and pedantic, Sierra Leoneans are open-hearted, cheerful, and easygoing. How could these bride and groom make such a wedding work?!

Assyrian Lebanese wedding avaAmerica is a mix of nations, cultures, traditions, and tastes. For instance, in Texas, there is a young couple who’ve tied a knot recently. The groom is Assyrian and the bride is American-Lebanese. So, can you imagine this wedding? All three cultures combined and tangled to make a perfect wedding ceremony and wedding party for all the guests. Different wedding traditions were used by the bride and groom to honor their roots and to shape their future. Let’s learn more details.