wedding band avaUsually, men don’t pay much attention to their wedding ring. They just buy and wear something that their fiancee chooses. But a wedding band is something that you’ll wear for years – or if you’re lucky, even for the rest of your life. Just think about it. It’s something that you’ll have to look at every single day. Of course, if you like the ring, you’ll stop really noticing it soon, but what if you consider your band ugly or impractical or not in your style? Here’s what you should know to choose the best possible wedding ring just for you and avoid mistakes.

African wedding traditions avaMost of the African traditions, in general, are very unique and different from anything people on other continents practice. And African wedding traditions and rituals are special as well. They are not only cheerful, bright, and eye-catching but also meaningful. A lot of African traditions honor the ancestors – such rituals are even more common than the ones honoring gods and nature. Here you are 5 exquisite wedding traditions practiced by Africans inside their countries and in the diaspora. If you have African roots, you might think about incorporating these customs into your own wedding ceremony.

Bride avaWhat can say more about a certain period in history than a wedding dress? All the latest fashion trends, novelties, and trendy adornments are usually embodied in bridal gowns. We can look at the old photo of a bride and tell more or less precisely when it was made. But also, we can just enjoy and admire beautiful wedding dresses, bridal veils, wedding bouquets, jewels, and other bridal decorations. Here are 24 photos of magnificent brides from various periods of time. In some photos, we can even guess the mood of a woman. Just imagine – most of these girls lived a hundred or two ago.

movie wedding gown avaFor many women, one of the hardest things in a wedding preparation is to choose the style of a wedding gown, and thus, of the whole ceremony. Because anyone knows that everything should be in harmony and in style. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are a dozen different movie wedding dresses that are able to inspire you to choose your own best bridal gown ever. These are vintage wedding dresses from the 19th century, the 1950s, 1980s, and modern high-fashion gowns.

VA Museum avaSome museums of clothing around the world have different wedding dresses in their exhibitions. Many of these wedding gowns are real masterpieces. For instance, here are several dresses displayed at the Victoria&Albert Museum in London. We’ll see a few wedding outfits from 1775-1899, though, this museum exhibits many more gowns from other periods. We might have chosen the most outstanding and strikingly beautiful wedding dresses from the 18th-19th centuries.

Old wedding photo avaIf you dream about a sophisticated 1920s-style wedding, this selection of photos is just for you. They can be an inspiration for your wedding dress, bouquet, pretty wedding headdress (rather than a simple veil), and, of course, your future husband’s stylish attire. These vintage photos won’t leave you indifferent – adorable smiling brides with their serious and masculine grooms, children in their tiny festive outfits, happy wedding guests, large fluffy bouquets of fresh flowers everywhere, and a variety of wedding gowns and suits. In all times, the wedding was a real celebration of life.

wedding gift avaTop-14 most creative wedding gift ideas everHave you ever been in a situation when you had absolutely no idea what present to choose for your close friend or beloved one? We think everyone’s been there. And when it’s a wedding gift you are to prepare, it is an even harder and more responsible situation. So, we’ve found a way to help you with this trouble. Here you are 14 most creative, romantic, or practical wedding gift ideas. And the best thing about these presents is the price tag. From now on, you don’t have to invent a bicycle – just take one of these ideas and alter it to suit the newlywed couple you know.

Sikh avaIndian traditional wedding is full of different rituals and significant ceremonies. That’s because, in this country, everything has a symbolic meaning. We’d like to show you a Sikh traditional wedding with all its brightness and symbolism. Let’s look at the Sikh religious marriage ceremony and informal party with sweets and blessings. Of course, you won’t miss the extraordinary Indian traditional wedding clothing – beautiful ornate outfits that sparkle and shine. So, enjoy!

Ring avaOne of the most famous and popular American wedding traditions is presenting the bride-to-be with a diamond engagement ring. Traditionally, a man who proposes to his girlfriend must spend about 3 months’ salary on the engagement ring. But, of course, when we talk about millionaires, the price of the ring can grow exponentially. This is a rating top-10 most luxurious engagement rings in the world. Would you want a diamond ring that is kept in a bank vault rather than on your finger?

Filipino Mexican wedding avaSometimes, a soon-to-be-married couple is formed from so different people that it’s hard to believe in their marriage. But in reality, it doesn’t matter what country you are from, what your religion is, how old you are, etc. When love comes, it comes. Today, we’d like to introduce this nice young couple to you. It’s a Mexican bride and a Filipino groom, who are ready to intertwine their unique traditions on their big day. This wedding ceremony is extraordinary, bright, and surprisingly special.