Balinese wed avaBali island in Indonesia is a really special place, with its centuries-old traditions and flamboyant rituals. And the local wedding customs are as original as the culture of Bali. Today, we’ll talk about a royal wedding that took place in Bali several years ago between the half Balinese, half Australian prince Tjok Gus and popular Indonesian TV star Happy Salma. Also, we’ll tell you more about Balinese royal wedding traditions, adorable love stories in the royal family, and a bit strange local wedding rituals.

Algeria avaA wedding in Algeria is one of the most spectacular events in the world. Nevertheless, for centuries, the traditional wedding ceremony was concealed from the eyes of foreigners and was sort of a sacred occasion. But today, we already know how the celebration is held, what wedding traditions does Algeria have, and what do locals wear, eat, and do during the Algerian folk wedding. This is a story about two different weddings, and they differ in region, social class, clothing, some of the rituals, etc. Though, in general, the ceremony is similar and shows the beauty of Algerian wedding tradition.

Wedding trend avaPrepping for upcoming nuptials can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, we can always ask experts when it comes to what's trendy in the world of weddings. And this time, the Vice President of Marketing Amanda Goetz will tell us about the top wedding trends set to dominate 2019. We’ll talk about invitations, wedding gifts, décor and most trendy colors of the wedding, and the wedding cake. If you want to get a wow-effect from your wedding, here are some useful advice.

bridesmaids dress avaIt is no secret that many brides choose ugly gowns for their bridesmaids to look even more beautiful amidst them. Yes, it’s cruel and not fair, but it’s Her day, the biggest day in every bride’s life. And each of the bridesmaids will have a perfect chance for revenge once she plans her own wedding. But let’s just look at these old photos with awful bridesmaids’ dresses and have fun. Some of these gowns are simply distasteful, others are a plain disaster.

Royal wedding avaThe royal wedding is always about strict rules, subordination, and traditional rituals. Plenty of people dream about being a prince or princess, but is it really so cool when you almost don’t have a say in how your wedding ceremony goes, what you got to wear, and whom you invite to your big day? Let’s see how a traditional British royal wedding is planned and performed. For ordinary people in The United Kingdom, it is the greatest excuse to celebrate, drink, and have fun. What about the royals and the bride and groom?

American wedding avaWeddings are a part of our everyday culture. In fact, about 5 million people or 2,5 million couples get married in America each year. It’s said that the wedding industry is a $60-billion industry. But no matter how much the newlyweds have spent on their wedding, it still is a memorable and happy event which they will remember for the rest of their lives. The American wedding doesn’t have a lot of old traditions – like the wedding in many other parts of the world – and these wedding traditions and superstitions are comparatively modern. Though, some of them are really interesting.

Florist avaMark Frye from American top-notch floral design business “Creative Occasions” gives his advice as to what kind of a bridal bouquet to use this year, what flowers will be the most fashionable for wedding decoration in 2019, and what floral embellishments are in trend right now. Also, he has some recommendations for the couple about budgeting and the best time to make arrangements with a florist for the wedding.

Bride dress avaIn all times, young brides were trying to bend over backwards to look as beautiful, charming, and impressive as possible. And, of course, wedding fashion means a lot for most brides. So, let’s see how women looked on their big day in different periods of history, what wedding gowns they preferred, and which accessories complemented their portrait. We’ve gathered 19 old photos of brides in their full wedding glory.

wedding decorations avaIf you’re looking for a way to organize the most fashionable and stylish wedding ceremony, pay special attention to the wedding decorations you use. Let’s see what styles, colors, décor, and accessories are going to be trendy in 2019. What elements to use? What accommodation to choose for your wedding party and photo session? And how to combine everything – your wedding dress and groom’s suit, food, bridal bouquet, music, and wedding décor – harmoniously and with taste? Don’t forget that any small detail matters when we talk about the wedding.

Wedding trends avaWhat to expect from the wedding industry in 2019? How to organize your wedding so that everything is the latest fad? What kind of wedding dress to choose this year for your big day? And the most important question for any wedding guest – what food will amaze and gratify them during the 2019 wedding parties? Come on, let’s find out below.