Korean wedding avaMany Asian weddings are much more restrained, traditional, and demure than American or African ones. That’s because of the temperament differences. So some Korean wedding traditions are pretty unusual, but it makes them even more interesting. For instance, Koreans took presenting cash as a wedding gift to a whole new level – most wedding guests actually just give money instead of buying toasters, cutlery, or adorable trinkets. There is even a fixed rate for different guests as to how much money they should give. Let’s see what other wedding traditions are there in Korea.

Armenian wedding dress avaArmenian traditions dictate that a bride must be modest, virtuous, and shy, but womanly. And her wedding gown screams “chastity and femininity” at the same time. That’s why traditionally Armenian bridal dress had a tight-fitting upper part and floor-length bottom part. And, of course, the gown totally covered the woman’s body, only the neck and palms were left bare. No decolletage or bare back, no transparent fabrics, no mini skirts, no high slit dresses, and so on. Armenian folk wedding dress is a perfect example of how a bride can look virtuous and sexy all at once.

Hindu avaWhen you’re organizing a wedding, there are several main factors which you would take into consideration, like nationality (many people want a wedding in their country’s custom), religion, family traditions, and personal tastes. So, if you’re Hindu, here are a few wedding traditions you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony. And if you’re not, you can just learn a few interesting Indian customs to broaden your horizons.

Gorgeous2 avaThe local brides and grooms in Ukraine wore beautiful folk costumes for their wedding 100 years ago. The wedding dress used to be colorful, multilayered, and richly decorated. Among the most important accessories, were ornate jewels and bridal wreaths. Here is a great collection of Ukrainian authentic wedding outfits and modern bride’s wreaths and necklaces. These costumes look striking and stand out from the crowd. And by the way, a lot of Ukrainian brides today return to traditions and use folk wedding clothing on their happy day.

eco gift avaHow to choose truly eco-friendly wedding giftsAs our planet gradually becomes covered in trash, a lot of people become conscious as to what they buy, use, present to others, and throw away. That’s why eco-friendly gifts, including green wedding gifts, are in trend now more than ever. I bet there’s at least one couple among your friends that is trying to be environmentally friendly. So, what wedding present to buy for such newlyweds? How to please them with the right gift? Actually, it’s not that hard. Just take into consideration a few easy tips – they will help you choose a perfect nature-friendly wedding gift.

Scottish avaScotland is one of those countries that value their traditions deeply, including wedding traditions. It is still vogue in Scotland to get married in kilts, dance folk cèilidh dances, choose centuries-old estate as a wedding venue, honor various good luck traditions and superstitions, etc. So, let’s find out a bit about the traditional Scottish wedding held in the 21st century. How do they reach a perfect balance mixing old-world and contemporary stuff?

Wed wreath avaOne of Ukrainian old wedding traditions is for the bride to wear a wedding wreath. Actually, a white wedding wreath made from wax beads was introduces into worldwide fashion by Queen Victoria in the mid-19th century in the UK. But in Ukraine, it was a part of the bridal outfit long before that. And the local brides wore not only delicate, pure white wreaths but large, brightly colored ones as well. Today, this tradition is not so popular and brides often choose white veils, hats, or other intricate headgear for their wedding, but wreaths made from fresh or artificial flowers are still used by a lot of women.

wedding idea avaA classic American or European-style wedding can be boring. So if you don’t want just another ordinary wedding, nothing special, we’ve prepared a few tricks that can make your happy day even more memorable and unique. Also, this advice will save you nerves with any wedding day emergencies. Because even a small fail can spoil the bride’s mood for the day. Surprise the wedding guests at every step!

Engagement rings avaA perfect engagement ring can be hard to find. For many years, young men from different corners of the world are troubled about the ring that will make their beloved woman happy. What shape of a ring to choose? Should it be a diamond ring or other gems are acceptable, too? Is a modern, trendy ring better than an heirloom one? Let’s see what engagement ring designs were fashionable during the last 100 years. Maybe this will help you to choose the perfect ring for you or your beloved one.

Kate Moss avaA lot of brides try to get a wedding dress fashionable in this particular season, but some women would rather be innovative with their bridal outfits. They want a unique dress, something fresh and new. And for celebrities, it is much easier to get their hands on the original wedding gown made by famous designers specially for them. In this article, you’ll see 6 such wedding dresses – they became a trend at the time or, at the very least, shocked and impressed the wedding guests and fans all around the world.